Member of: Escort Tug Harbour Tug


Bollard pull max (tonnes) Bollard pull max (pounds) 80 176320

Length (metres) Length (feet) 24.73 81.14

Power total (Bkw) Power total (BKW) 5050 5050

Speed max (knots) Speed max (mph) 13 14.96

Beam (metres) Beam (feet) 13.13 43.08

Bollard pull max (tonnes) Bollard pull max (pounds) 70 154324

Length (metres) Length (feet) 24.73 81.11

Power total (Bkw) Power total (BKW) 3800 3800

Speed max (knots) Speed max (mph) 12 13.8

Beam (metres) Beam (feet) 13.13 43.08


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