FCS 7011 Crew Change

A true game changer, opening up new markets
FCS 7011 Crew Change
FCS 7011 Crew Change 73,6 241,41 40 46 35 376,74 122 122 Alumínio
FCS 5009 Fast Emergency Response 53,3 174,82 26 35,1 140 1507 16 16 Aço
Rápido Supridor de Tripulação 5009 53,2 174,5 27 31,07 240 2583,34 80 80 Aço
FCS 5009 Patrulha 53,2 174,5 27 31,07 225 2421,88 12 12 Aço
Rápido Supridor de Tripulação 4008 41,2 135,17 30 34,53 140 1506,95 90 90 Aço
Rápido Supridor de Tripulação 3410 34,8 114,1 21 24,15 90 968,4 12 12 Alumínio
FCS 3307 Patrulha 34,2 112,2 30 34,5 75 807,3 14 14 Alumínio
Rápido Supridor de Tripulação 3307 34,2 112,2 28 32,22 75 807,29 75 75 Alumínio
Rápido Supridor de Tripulação 2710 26,8 87,9 25 28,76 90 968,76 24 24 Alumínio
Rápido Supridor de Tripulação 2206 22,1 72,51 32 36,82 25 269,1 42 42 Alumínio
Rápido Supridor de Tripulação 1605 16,5 54,13 27,5 31,64 15 161,46 29 29 Alumínio
Rápido Supridor de Tripulação 1605 FRP 16 52,49 29 33,37 17 182,99 30 30 FRP
Rápido Supridor de Tripulação 1204 FRP 12,6 41,3 30 34,52 16 172,22 28 28 FRP
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  1. Segurança em primeiro lugar

    Uma travessia rápida faz com que o embarque e o desembarque aconteçam da forma mais rápida e tranquila possível.

  2. Deslocamento de alta velocidade

    Tempos de navegação otimizados com números mais altos de pessoal transportado, para locais mais distantes da costa, levam a operações mais eficientes, independentemente das circunstâncias.

  3. Conforto através da ciência

    O FCS 7011 tem uma combinação exclusiva de redutores inovadores que trabalham juntos em perfeita sinergia, trazendo um conforto incomparável para os passageiros ao praticamente deixar o mar plano, mesmo com ondas de altura significativa de até 3 meses.

Think different



The long distance transportation of offshore personnel has traditionally been undertaken by air. Times are changing, however. The desire for increased safety, in combination with greater cost efficiency, has proven to be a great stimulus for change. In answer to these market demands, a state-of-the-art crew change solution has emerged. A solution resulting from considered, collaborative R&D and powerfully blending both innovation and proven technologies, to face the future reliably and with confidence.



Introducing Damen’s innovative integrated crew transfer solution, the FCS 7011 represents a quantum leap forwards in terms of speed, comfort and accessibility. Designed to carry personnel to and from offshore assets in a broad weather window, it expands the options available for offshore marine access using future-proof logistics.



The starting point for developing the FCS 7011 was broad market consultation throughout the offshore crew change value chain. The widespread desire for increased safety with greater cost efficiency has resulted in a solution that adds a new dimension to the logistical mix. The time has come to think differently in a new era of offshore personnel transportation.



Optimised sailing times for increased numbers of personnel, to locations farther from shore, results in more efficient operations no matter the conditions. A comfortable transit with increased workability has become a reality due to advanced design and the latest technologies.



The FCS 7011 is a core part of Damen’s commitment to developing a new and more sustainable business model for the offshore crew transfer sector. To deliver efficiencies and cost savings, this involves not only determining the ideal mix of waterborne and airborne transport to specific locations, but also looking at different ways of contracting to allow more transparency and flexibility. This programme includes looking at moving away from traditional day rate fee structures to those that might charge on a pay per person / transfer, and even the possibility of vessel sharing among operators so that a single large vessel like an FCS 7011 could embark multiple crews and deliver them to multiple platforms on a single run. For a vessel that may have a lifetime of several decades, the many factors that contribute to the total cost of ownership, from build to operations to decommissioning and disposal, are all coming under the microscope.




Our commitment to the future extends beyond ensuring the success of your business and ours. It also encompasses providing a safe environment in which employees can conduct their work and leisure activities, which includes minimising the environmental impact of our products. The maritime industry recognises the increasingly urgent need for greater environmental awareness. With operations often not far from the shore and close to sources of food, the environmental impact of every vessel needs to be kept to a minimum. Damen has developed tested and delivered several vessels with diesel-electric propulsion systems, which effectively reduce fuel consumption, emissions and noise levels. Fully electric propulsion (in combination with remote charger stations) is the logical next step and an interesting option for nearshore operations.



innoavtion axe bow

Our research and development programmes, with the close cooperation of our partners, have helped create a vessel that delivers a new level of comfort and safety for high speed, long distance transfers.
DP calculations and seakeeping advice were provided by MARIN (Maritime Research Institute Netherlands). The ship hydromechanics department of Delft University of Technology (TU Delft) was responsible for the model tests, calculations and additional design input. Advice on human motion experience and the development of the Virtual Horizon was undertaken by TNO (Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research).
Kongsberg Maritime, VEEM and Ampelmann worked closely together with Damen to optimize their hardware and control algorithms to develop a fully integrated solution enabling impressive workability at various locations around the world.


innoavtion axe bow

Innovation and the development and testing of new ideas lies at the heart of progress. They are at their most effective when they are done in cooperation with other organisations. This is why we work closely with numerous research institutions, universities, maritime organisations and, of course, clients.
And not just in the Netherlands, but all over the world. The revolutionary Sea Axe bow is just one example of what can be achieved through cooperation. Whilst much of our R&D work goes on at our headquarters in Gorinchem, the Netherlands, Damen operates on a global scale. Wherever we are, the results from all our R&D activities benefit the work done by all the yards and subsidiaries of the Damen Shipyards Group.


innoavtion axe bow

Desde os anos oitenta, a Damen e a Universidade de Tecnologia Delft cooperaram em um programa de pesquisa voltado para melhorar as características de navegabilidade de embarcações de alta velocidade. Esta cooperação produziu o "Conceito de Navio Aumentado", no qual os altamente bem sucedidos Stan Patrol 4207 e 4708 foram baseados. O desenvolvimento do "Conceito Axe Bow" veio a seguir. Um formato de casco com características de navegabilidade inigualáveis. Usando esta inovação de design, a Damen desenvolveu os Barcos de Patrulha 'Sea Axe' e Rápidos Supridores de Tripulação.


damen naval innovations

Foi executado um estudo para avaliar a influência de diferentes componentes do navio no fluxo de ar ao redor da superestrutura de um navio. Através de simulações CFD e validação por experimentos em túnel de vento, as condições de funcionamento foram determinadas em diferentes velocidades do vento e de navegação, combinados com diferentes ângulos de vento e aproamentos do navio.


damen naval innovations

Usando a Análise de Elementos Finitos, o comportamento real da estrutura de um navio pode ser simulada. Efeitos não desejados podem ser encontrados e corrigidos.


Todas as embarcações da Damen beneficiam-se do conhecimento adquirido durante os programas de pesquisa contínua promovidos pelo Grupo. A Damen trabalha em parceria com institutos de pesquisa de renome internacional, como a Delft University of Technology, Maritime Research Institute Netherlands (MARIN) e a Organização Holandesa de Pesquisa Científica Aplicada (TNO), bem como com outras universidades de renome e principais companhias marítimas.

Project updates


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