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Unlimited mining tool

Sand mining at unlimited depth by a wire suspended DOP dredge pump. A highly efficient dredging operation due to the maximised mixture concentration. The dedicated jet water assisted sand production head ensures excellent productions in free flowing sand. The modular dredger can be assembled easily.

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Cutting compacted sand

A practical modularly constructed dredger for maintenance and mining purposes of compacted sediment in shallow waters. The DOP sub pump is fixed to a ladder for loosening compacted sand up to -15 m dredging depth.

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Cutting deeper compacted sand

Extended cutting depth of -20 m using a DOP submersible dredge pump near the fixed cutter unit. The combined sub pump and cutter unit ensure high productions in compacted soils during maintenance dredging and mining activities.

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Deep dredging

The deep dredging DOP Dredger is fit for loosening soils at -30 m and pumping it ashore. The modular design ensures practical transport and simple assembly on site. The cutter loosens the soil and the immersed DOP dredging pump ensures a high mixture concentration – an efficient dredging operations being the result.

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