Barco Walk to Work SOV 5717 de Damen

The SOV 5717 is the little sister of the 7017. It has all the clever features of the 70m version but she is just a little smaller to better fit more benign conditions and jobs where less technicians are needed in the field.
Barco Walk to Work SOV 5717 de Damen
Barco Walk to Work SOV 5717 de Damen 57 186,96 12 13,8 800 1763680 60 60 250 2691
Barco Walk to Work SOV 9020 de Damen 89,65 294,13 13 14,96 2300 5070632 60 60 425 4574,66
Damen SOV 8417 Walk to Work Vessel 84 275,5 12 13,8 980 2160508 90 90 330 3552,1
Barcaza de alojamiento offshore 7120 71 232,94 10 11,5 1500 3306900 115 115 500 5382
Barco Walk to Work SOV 7017 de Damen 70 229,6 12 13,8 800 1763680 60 60 280 3013,9
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  1. Platform Design

    The SOV 5717 is the little sister of the 7017. It has all the clever features of the 70m version but she is just a little smaller to better fit more benign conditions and jobs where less technicians are needed in the field. She benefits from the same clever thruster lay out with 4 identical azimuthing thrusters resulting in unrivalled maneuverability and station keeping at minimal energy consumption. The vessel performs ahead equally well as astern. Transit operations are however by no means sacrificed. The hull shape is efficient in operations yet easy to construct. The vessel can be fitted with numerous transfer systems and boats of choice.

  2. Carbon neutral today

    Power generation is by means of IMO Tier-III / EPA Tier-IV diesel generators which are supported by a battery pack. The diesel-electric system is designed to operate safely with closed bus-ties. This makes it safely possible to have less engines running, resulting in significantly reduced fuel oil consumption, harmful emissions and maintenance.
    In addition to the already highly efficient performance, the carbon footprint can further be reduced by using bio-diesel. As an option the vessel may even be delivered to run on bio-methanol. All this brings carbon-neutral operations to reality.

  3. Comfort

    Damen SOV鈥檚 are designed as the perfect tools for their task, but for that you need a well-rested and focused crew. In our design we want the crew to instantly feel at home without having to spend too much time on trying to find their way. Especially when it is your first time onboard. We have focused on creating a separated design between the work and leisure areas. The leisure areas and cabins are designed with warm and soft materials, playful elements and nice colors to unwind comfortably after a hard day of work.



Damen ASV 5717 Walk to Work Vessel

El dise帽o W2W ha sido dise帽ado para las operaciones de mantenimiento convencionales de plataformas de gas y petr贸leo y para el mantenimiento y apoyo de parques e贸licos. Como tal, el dise帽o final de cada nuevo buque ser谩 adaptado para reflejar su perfil operativo. La siguiente lista ofrece una serie de opciones que f谩cilmente se pueden incluir en el punto de especificaciones finales. Esta lista se da a modo de gu铆a y de ninguna manera es exhaustiva:
Offshore crane:up to 6t, 3D motion comp. knuckleboom crane;
Gangway access system: 3D motion-compensated gangway from several OEM;
Height adjustable gangway pedestal: for height adjustment of gangway centre platform. Includes lift upgrade;
Hybrid drive: Battery package replacing one genset. Total inst. gen. power 5500 ekW;
CTV refueling: at CTV landing to SB;
Targetless DP pos.ref.system: Guidance Marine RangeGuard;
Daughter craft, operability 1.2m Hs: Tuco 11m windfarm. service boat;
Daughter craft, increased operability 1.5m Hs: Tuco 15m windfarm service boat with passive gangway;
Upgrade of nr of POB to 90: Double occupancy of 30 SP-cabins; includes lifeboats;
Upgrade winch area to Helicopter deck: D-factor 21 m, max. take-off weight 12t, day- and night landings;
Helicopter re- / de-fuelling: Jet A and Jet A1, capacity 4m3;
Additional Class notations: COMF(C-2, V-2), Clean (Design), BIS, HELDK.


Damen customer finance

One-stop shopping for shipping finance solutions

At Damen we aim to do much more than simply deliver you a ship. As a maritime solutions provider we seek to work, together with you as a long-term, reliable partner throughout the lifecycle of your asset(s). We look to provide you with integrated, high-quality solutions that unburden you and drive your business forward.

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Los Servicios de entrega de barcos de Damen garantizan que nuestros clientes reciben sus barcos de manera segura, limpios y preparados para la operaci贸n. Podemos encargar de la totalidad de los servicios log铆sticos gracias a nuestra red mundial de servicio al cliente. Nuestros servicios de entrega de barcos incluyen el transporte en su propia quilla, el remolque y el transporte en buque para equipos y transporte semisumergible.

En nuestro papel de astilleros internacionales, Damen goza de amplios conocimientos sobre los tipos de barco y los tipos y condiciones de transporte y tenemos experiencia en la entrega en puntos distantes y remotos. Para resumir, nuestros clientes se benefician de nuestras opciones de entrega fiables y econ贸micas.


Los servicios de piezas de repuesto de Damen ofrecen precios competitivos, entrega eficiente y rentable, garantizando plazos cortos de respuesta. Con nuestros a帽os de experiencia hemos conseguido un gran poder de compra y una amplia red de proveedores. Con la ampliaci贸n de nuestra red de centros de servicio global, hemos sido capaces de reducir a煤n m谩s nuestro tiempo de respuesta. Nuestro servicio va m谩s all谩 de la entrega r谩pida de piezas, tambi茅n ofrecemos soluciones de reabastecimiento que permiten disponer de piezas en stock para el momento en el que las necesite. Para minimizar los costes del ciclo de vida y mejorar el funcionamiento de un barco, es imprescindible disponer de las piezas de repuesto necesarias. Gracias a nuestro sistema de gesti贸n digital del mantenimiento (CMMS) puede automatizarse el control de inventario.

Almac茅n de piezas en l铆nea

Para prestar asistencia a nuestros clientes las 24 horas del d铆a y los 7 d铆as de la semana, Damen ha creado un almac茅n de piezas en l铆nea en nuestro portal de servicios Aqu铆 puede realizar pedidos directamente desde nuestro cat谩logo en l铆nea de piezas de repuesto. Nuestro alcance de suministro no est谩 limitado solo a los buques de Damen, ni al cat谩logo. Si necesita piezas que no est茅n disponible en l铆nea, le invitamos a que las solicite en l铆nea. Su gestor de servicios le atender谩 amablemente y har谩 lo necesario para suministrar el componente que necesite. Con Damen como socio, benef铆ciese de las ventajas de un taller integral.


Damen is unique in offering attractive buy-back guarantees for standard vessels from our product range to customers or the financing bank

Damen is unique in offering attractive buy-back guarantees for standard vessels from our product range to customers or the financing bank. We know Damen quality means that our vessels have a good value according to market conditions.

By means of its Damen Trading & Chartering desk, Damen is happy to help customers to trade their vessel in when they buy a new vessel, no matter where a vessel has been built.

For over 30 years, the Damen Trading team has built up extensive market knowledge through which they are able to offer their brokerage services, assisting clients to sell their redundant fleet, help them acquire a second-hand vessel or assist with securing a charter.

For more information visit Damen Trading website.


Proving the designs performance

damen walk to work vessel

Innovations in the design and design process of this vessel are:
• Seakeeping analysis of systematic variations of hull design and dimensions, verified by tank tests, resulting in high natural roll period and low roll motions in North Sea conditions. More access, more comfort.;
• Balanced, and low lateral wind profile, as well as shallow draught contribute to reduced power demand while station-keeping in beam-on conditions;
• Focus on high-speed transits between turbines while remaining in DP, as has been demonstrated by model tests in challenging environmental conditions;
• The actual controllers of DP and motion-compensated gangway systems, and the vessel鈥檚 seakeeping characteristics are being tested in simulated environmental conditions in unison in a hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) test. This will ensure smooth setting-to-work and operational performance from day 1;
• Development of a vessel simulator based on the HIL-test setup, will produce a 鈥渄igital twin鈥 to the vessel and access system. Prior to charter award, this enables the owner to offer to clients an assessment of operational access performance in client-specified environmental and site conditions much more accurately than is possible with just vessel RAO鈥檚;

These innovations are now being realised in a vessel concept which, because of it鈥檚 bench-marking high operability, lead to more, and safer access to the wind energy sector, thereby contributing to lower cost of energy.


Todos los barcos de Damen benefician de los conocimientos acumulados durante los programas de investigaci贸n en curso dentro del Grupo. Damen trabaja con institutos de investigaci贸n de reputaci贸n mundial, como la Universidad T茅cnica de Delft (Pa铆ses Bajos), el Instituto de Investigaci贸n Mar铆tima de Holanda (MARIN) y la Organizaci贸n Neerlandesa de Investigaci贸n Cient铆fica Aplicada (TNO), as铆 como otras universidades prestigiosas y otras empresas l铆deres.



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