Trailing pipe position

Optimise your dredging process


  1. visualisation

    On screen visualisation of vertical and horizontal trailing pipe angles.

  2. dedicated sensors

    Robust dedicated sensors designed for the harsh dredging environment.

  3. flexibility

    Customised to your needs by using the software’s flexibility



field services engineers


Damen field service crew can assist on-site with reassembly and commissioning. Crew training and technical assistance can also be done locally.

Spare Parts

Damen Parts Services offers competitive prices, efficient and cost-effective delivery and short response times. With our years of experience we have established strong buying power and an extensive supplier network. By expanding our network of global service hubs, we are able to shorten our response times. Our service goes beyond fast part delivery; we also offer different replenishment solutions resulting in having parts in stock just before you need them.

To minimise lifecycle costs and to improve a vessel’s performance, it’s crucial to have the right spare parts. Our Computerised Maintenance Management System (CMMS) allows stock control replenishment to be completely automated.



Online parts store

To support our customers on a 24/7 basis, Damen has created an online parts store on our Services Portal Here you can order directly from our online catalogue of spare parts. Our scope of supply is neither limited to Damen-vessels only, nor to the catalogue. If your required parts are not available online, we invite you to make online requests. Your services manager will gladly do what it takes to source the relevant component. With Damen as your partner you can experience the benefits of a one-stop-shop.



dredging innovations


The Ro-Ro Deep Dredge, which can work up to a 200 m dredging depth, has been specifically designed to meet demand from this sector and sets out to challenge current technical limitations. A flexible dredging concept which revolutionises dredging in the 21st century, its modular approach will open up the dredging sector through its ability to enable other vessels or contenders to enter the deep sea mining market in a cost-effective way.


damen dredging innovations

The new Damen dredge pump has been developed by the in-house R&D team. It has a highly efficient double-curved impeller that ensures excellent suction.  

Damen designs its own extensive range of dredge pumps. This includes low, medium and high pressure dredge pumps designed to deliver maximum efficiency and minimal wear. Most shaft sealings are performed by mechanical seals.


dredge pumps innovations 

Damen's highly efficient dredge pumps are fitted out with a maintenance and environment-friendly mechanical shaft seal. These special shaft seals do not require grease or gland water, so minimise service downtime. Existing dredge pumps can be retrofitted with this ecologically-sound alternative.


innovations in dredging 

Damen works continuously to improve all its dredging components, and recently a completely new line of drag heads was launched. The design is based on the latest CFX flow prediction software in combination with feedback from many customers. The new drag head has resulted in improved production.



Related Products

Pipe diameter (mm) Pipe diameter (inches) 900 35.43

Dredging depth (metres) Dredging depth (feet) 30 98.43

Jetwaterpipe diameter (mm) Jetwaterpipe diameter (inches) 440 17.32

Mixture capacity (m3/h) Mixture capacity (feet3/h) 11450 404352.93

Hopper capacity (m3) Hopper capacity (feet3) 4000 141258.67

Trailing Suction Hopper Dredgers

Pipe diameter (mm) Pipe diameter (inches) 500 19.69

Dredging depth (metres) Dredging depth (feet) 20 65.62

Jetwaterpipe diameter (mm) Jetwaterpipe diameter (inches) 260 10.24

Mixture capacity (m3/h) Mixture capacity (feet3/h) 3550 125367.07

Hopper capacity (m3) Hopper capacity (feet3) 1000 35314.67

Trailing Suction Hopper Dredgers

Dredging depth (metres) Dredging depth (feet) 25 82.02

Hopper capacity (m3) Hopper capacity (yards3) 3100 4054.65

Deadweight (tonnes) Deadweight (pounds) 5000 11023000

Trailing pipe diameter (mm) Trailing pipe diameter (inches) 700 27.56

Trailing Suction Hopper Dredgers


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