Fast Crew Supplier 2710 "HST Hudson"

HST’s naming ceremony for FCS 2710 held on opening day on the 3rd of July at the 2018 Seawork International Exhibition and Conference.

The FCS 2710 is the successor vessel to the highly popular FCS 2610, which has sold over 45 vessels worldwide over the past seven years. The FCS 2710 retains the successful twin hull, Sea Axe design but is one metre longer and higher than its predecessor. That, plus a complete redesign of the interior, allows it to carry over twice the number of industrial personnel as the FCS 2610 and enables it to deliver more flexibility, more tank capacity, greater deck space, increased comfort and more accommodation. The extra metre above the water also allows the vessel to operate in wave heights of above two metres. This substantially increases the range of weather conditions in which it can be operated at sea.

On the opening day of the show the first vessel of the new class, owned by High Speed Transfers Ltd, was officially named HST Hudson by managing director Tom Nevin’s young son of the same name.

damen fcs 2710 'hst hudson'


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