ATD Tug 2412 "Cape Naturaliste”

Mackenzie Marine & Towage of Esperance, Western Australia, has purchased two, twin-fin Azimuth Tractor Drive (ATD) Tugs 2412 for operations in Bunbury Port, on the south-west coast of Western Australia. In December 2016, the first ATD Tug 2412 Cape Naturaliste was delivered to her owner MMT. Damen ATD Tug 2412 is a compact, heavy duty vessel with a bollard pull of over 70 tonnes. Top speed of over 12 knots and a powerful aft winch make this tug an ideal choice for continuous and effective harbour towage activities.

Mackenzie Marine & Towage of Esperance has purchased ATD Tug 2412 "Cape Naturaliste" for operations in Bunbury Port


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