ASD Tug 2813 "Gioia Star"

Damen Shipyards Group has delivered an ASD Tug 2813 to Con.Tug in Italy. The vessel, named Gioia Star, will operate in Gioia Tauro, one of the most important transhipment ports in the Mediterranean.

Con.Tug – a joint venture between Scafi and TIL – ordered the new tug from Damen in January this year. The speed of the delivery has been facilitated by Damen’s practice of building standardised vessels in series and keeping them in stock, ready for order.

The vessel, like all those in the series, is designed to be ready for IMO Tier III regulations. Though a standard model, Con.Tug has selected a number of options for its new vessel, including FiFi 1 firefighting capabilities as well oil recovery capability.

delivery of damen asd tug 2813 'gioia star' to con.tug


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