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ASD Tug 2312
damen asd tug 2312 - preview ASD Tug 2312 70 154322 22.8 74.78 3804 3804 12.2 14.03 12.03 39.5
damen azimuth stern drive tug 3212 (preview) ASD Tug 3212 85 187393 32.7 107.28 5050 5050 13.5 15.54 12.82 42.06
asd tug 2813 preview ASD Tug 2813 85 187393 27.59 90.5 5050 5050 13 14.95 12.93 42.41
damen asd tug 3413 ice arc 5 (preview) ASD TUG 3413 ICE ARC 6 75 165346 33.45 109.45 7400 7400 14 16.11 12.53 41.11
damen asd tug 3010 ice ASD Tug 3010 ICE ARC 4 60 132276 29.84 97.9 3840 3840 12.9 14.85 10.43 34.22
asd tug 2810 (preview) ASD Tug 2810 60 132277 28.67 94.06 3730 3730 12.9 14.84 10.43 34.22
damen asd tug 2811 ASD Tug 2811 60 132277 28.57 93.73 3804 3804 13 14.96 11.43 37.5
ASD Tug 2609 ICE ARC 4 40 88184 26.45 86.78 2610 2610 12.7 14.61 9.54 31.3
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  1. Compact design

    The next-generation ASD Tug 2312 builds on the popular ASD Tug 2310 to deliver a safe and highly efficient escort tug for the 2020s and beyond. This compact, multi-purpose model delivers a powerful 70 tonnes of bollard pull while the twin fin skeg plus twin Azimuth thrusters ensure excellent manoeuvrability. It meets the highest stability standards and its all-round bridge with 86% window coverage using impact resistant safety glass guarantees excellent situational awareness. Safe, sustainable, efficient and reliable, the ASD Tug 2312 is a superb, all-round harbour tug.

  2. Versatility

    Equipped for fire-fighting, pollution control, towing and mooring operations, the ASD Tug 2312 is ideal for the harbour authority looking for a compact vessel capable of handling any situation. An obstacle-free working deck ensures a safe working environment for the six crew members, as does the powerful covered towing winch which handles both forward and aft operations. A deck crane is also an option.

  3. Sustainable

    A modular Marine NOx Reduction System ensures compliance with IMO Tier III regulations while the Damen Digital Platform helps maximise the efficiency of the vessel to ensure clean and economical operations. The smooth, round bilge hull also contributes to a low overall fuel consumption. Smart interior layouts combined with full compliance with the MLC 2006 crew accommodation and comfort regulations keeps the crew in top condition during their time on board.



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At Damen we aim to do much more than simply deliver you a ship. As a maritime solutions provider we seek to work, together with you as a long-term, reliable partner throughout the lifecycle of your asset(s). We look to provide you with integrated, high-quality solutions that unburden you and drive your business forward.

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Damen Ship Delivery Services makes sure our customers receive their vessels safely, clean and ready for operation. We offer total care of all logistical services through our worldwide service support network. Our Ship Delivery Services include own keel transport, heavy lift, towage and semi-submersible transport.

As an international shipbuilder Damen has extensive knowledge of each vessel and of transport contracts and conditions, and we have many years’ experience of shipping to distant and remote destinations. In short, our customers benefit from our reliable and competitive shipping solutions.


Damen Parts Services offers competitive prices, efficient and cost-effective delivery and short response times. With our years of experience we have established strong buying power and an extensive supplier network. By expanding our network of global service hubs, we are able to shorten our response times. Our service goes beyond fast part delivery; we also offer different replenishment solutions resulting in having parts in stock just before you need them.

To minimise lifecycle costs and to improve a vessel’s performance, it’s crucial to have the right spare parts. Our Computerised Maintenance Management System (CMMS) allows stock control replenishment to be completely automated.



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To support our customers on a 24/7 basis, Damen has created an online parts store on our Services Portal Here you can order directly from our online catalogue of spare parts. Our scope of supply is neither limited to Damen-vessels only, nor to the catalogue. If your required parts are not available online, we invite you to make online requests. Your services manager will gladly do what it takes to source the relevant component. With Damen as your partner you can experience the benefits of a one-stop-shop.


Damen is unique in offering attractive buy-back guarantees for standard vessels from our product range to customers or the financing bank

Damen is unique in offering attractive buy-back guarantees for standard vessels from our product range to customers or the financing bank. We know Damen quality means that our vessels have a good value according to market conditions.

By means of its Damen Trading & Chartering desk, Damen is happy to help customers to trade their vessel in when they buy a new vessel, no matter where a vessel has been built.

For over 30 years, the Damen Trading team has built up extensive market knowledge through which they are able to offer their brokerage services, assisting clients to sell their redundant fleet, help them acquire a second-hand vessel or assist with securing a charter.

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All Damen vessels benefit from knowledge gathered during ongoing research programmes within the Group. Damen works alongside world-renowned research institutes such as Delft University of Technology, Maritime Research Institute Netherlands (MARIN) and the Netherlands Organization of Applied Scientific Research (TNO), as well as other reputable universities and leading maritime companies.



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Bollard pull max (tonnes) Bollard pull max (pounds) 60 132277

Length (metres) Length (feet) 28.67 94.06

Power total (Bkw) Power total (BKW) 3730 3730

Speed max (knots) Speed max (mph) 12.9 14.84

Beam (metres) Beam (feet) 10.43 34.22

Harbour TugEscort TugSea Tug

Bollard pull max (tonnes) Bollard pull max (pounds) 47 103616.2

Length (metres) Length (feet) 26.2 85.96

Power total (Bkw) Power total (BKW) 2460 2460

Speed max (knots) Speed max (mph) 12.5 14.38

Beam (metres) Beam (feet) 8.5 27.89

Harbour Tug

What our customers say

The ASD Tug 2312 is a compact vessel with a very high degree of manoeuvrability. And notwithstanding her compact design, the vessel, has ample power to perform every job at hand, to all sizes of vessels.
Jim Iskes
CEO, Iskes
We are very pleased to be working with Damen on the delivery of the 2312 to Forth Estuary Towage. The team at Damen have worked closely with us to deliver a very capable vessel. I look forward to building our relationship with Damen in the coming years.
Alan McPherson
Chief Harbour Master, Forth Ports
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