ASD Tug 2310 "Bhagwan Pride"

Australia’s Bhagwan Marine took delivery of a new Damen ASD 2310 just two months after contract signing. The tug, named Bhagwan Pride, will kick off her duties by performing operations at an LNG development off the coast of Western Australia.

The Damen ASD 2310 is a mainstay of coastal and harbour towing and push-pull operations. The Bhagwan Pride has an ahead bollard pull of 48.7 ton 
and 46.5 ton astern – the total output of 3,000bkW provided by two Caterpillar 3512C TA engines. She will be mobilised for towing barges loaded with equipment for a coastal LNG development that is situated near the Barrow Island Marine Park.

Bhagwan Marine takes Delivery of Damen ASD 2310


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