ASD Tug 2411 "SST Portobelo"

Saam Smit has taken delivery of an ASD Tug 2411, named SST Portobelo. The tug operates in the Port of Colón, Panama.
The SST Portobelo is the first ASD 2411 for Saam Smit in Panama. In October 2015, the company placed an order for an ASD Tug 2913, named the SST Rambala, which was delivered in May 2016. With 80 tonnes of bollard pull, she is ideal for assisting vessels through the expanded Panama Canal. The new ASD 2411 is smaller, but still has 70 tonnes of bollard pull and is exceptionally manoeuvrable.

Damen ASD Tug 2411 "SST Portobelo"


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