ASD Tug 2312 "Jupiter"

Damen Shipyards Group delivered an ASD Tug 2312 to Iskes in IJmuiden, the Netherlands. The vessel, named Jupiter, one of Damen’s next generation tugs, offers a package combining safety, sustainability, reliability and efficiency.

The ASD Tug 2312 is an innovative design. For example, the winch is integrated into the superstructure, offering a number of benefits. As well as offering a spacious, safe and clutter-free deck, the central positioning means the vessel can, with just one winch, tow both fore and aft. With only one winch required, the vessel is more compact and the sheltered location provides protection from the elements and minimises maintenance requirements.

The vessel was built at Damen Song Cam Shipyard in Vietnam and will operate in the ports of IJmuiden and Amsterdam carrying out regular port towage duties and the tug is also capable of handling (crane) barges.

damen asd tug 2312 'jupiter' delivery


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