Damen water buses can be deployed as taxis, sightseeing boats, commuter ferries, for dinner cruises and many other uses

Water Bus

The Damen Water Bus represents a ground breaking public transport concept because it is both highly flexible and yet fully standardised. Combining operational requirements with proven solutions gives users of the Damen Water Bus maximum reliability while enjoying the benefits of a tailor-made product.

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Water Taxi

Damen has developed state-of-the-art, composite Water Taxis suitable for any operation. Damen Water Taxis are designed for on-demand passenger transport. Hulls can be monohull or catamaran with an optimum configuration for up to 12 passenger seats fitted with video and audio equipment. Speeds range from 15 to 35 knots.

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Damen Fast Ferry 3609

Fast Ferry

Damen builds customisable, fuel-efficient Fast Ferries for public transport. Most of our Fast Ferries are built at our ultra-modern yard Damen Shipyards Singapore, one of the most experienced ferry builders in the world. Our fast ferries are known worldwide for their efficiency and proven catamaran designs.

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damen ferry 2306 e3 side view

Damen Ferry

The Damen Ferry range is designed for public transport on inland waterways. The vessel provides a safe and reliable crossing. The robustness and carefully selected heavy duty equipment make this ferry outstanding for a reliable operation.

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