RoPax Ferry

Damen RoPax ferries are an excellent means of waterborne public transport. They ensure safe and efficient journeys for cars, trucks and passengers. Damen RoPax vessels can be adapted to include extensive catering facilities, public information systems and easy disabled access. Car decks have ample space, generous lighting and excellent ventilation systems.

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Coastal car/passenger ferry with 36 kts speed

Fast RoPax Ferry

Damen builds high quality Fast Ropax Ferries at various locations around the world. The vessels are highly efficient and comply with all international safety standards including the High Speed Craft Code 2000. Cars or trucks can be loaded through stern and/or front ramps. Comfortable passenger saloons with excellent catering facilities are located on the upper decks.

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Damen Road Ferry 8117

Road Ferry

Damen Road ferries connect roads, cross rivers and open transport to islands at short distances. Designed for optimal energy consumption. They are suited to many forms of sustainable technology and offer passengers a comfortable, safe crossing.

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