Damen Offshore Carrier

Offshore Carrier

The Damen Offshore Carrier (DOC) is designed as a transportation vessel. Its platform can also be used for a wide variety of offshore installation work such as cable laying, subsea or floatover installation and other methods. The vessel can be outfitted with all necessary installation equipment and extra accommodation for offshore workforce/seafarers. Propulsion: twin azimuth thrusters with DP2/DP3 possibilities. The DOC is a smaller Heavy Lift Vessel for shore to shore transport with excellent RoRo capabilities and an efficient ballast system for offshore loading/unloading. With an endurance of 65 days, an economical fuel consumption and the possibility to run on HFO380, the DOC is a very cost efficient vessel.

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Damen Heavy Lift Vessel has high and economical design speed, saving time and cost to operate in remote locations.

Heavy Lift Vessel

This vessel is an innovative, safe and efficient heavy lift transportation solution for a wide range of industries worldwide.

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