Dredge pump performance

Vacuum and pressure transmitters offer basic monitoring of the dredge pump performance hence of the dredging process. Damen Dredging Equipment delivers both the rugged sensors as well as the read-outs. Both for new vessels and for retrofits.

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Production management

Hydraulic transport of soil through a pipeline needs very precise control to maximize the dredging efficiency, to enhance operational safety and to avoid problems such as clogging of the discharge piping. Damen Dredging Equipment delivers the right instrumentation for the job.

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Positioning and survey system

In any dredging operation it is vital to know where and how much accountable material has been dredged. Damen offers positioning and survey equipment that shows the progress of your job to maximise your dredging efficiency.

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Trailing pipe position

All dredge masters want to visualize the position of the trailing pipe versus their Trailing Suction Hopper Dredger. Monitoring the trailing pipe hinge angles is vital for safe and efficient operation. Damen offers a complete package including sensors and software.

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Load and Draught

During the hopper loading cycle the loading process can be monitored. The Damen Load & Draught software combines the pressure sensors’ data to an accessible screen where the full loading process can be followed easily, including trim and list.

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Tons Dry Solids Measurement

Radar sensors can be mounted along the hopper sides to measure the cargo height. These hopper level data are fed into the Load and Draught software, and shown on screen combined with the loading line. Both graph enable the dredge master to optimise the loading process.

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