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Sigma Fast Attack

In line with the Damen philosophy of standardisation, these SIGMA vessels share the DNA of their larger family members. Based on the same SIGMA proven hull form series, they share a common theme with respect to arrangement and systems layout, and a similarly robust structural design. The propulsion system for these warships is comprised of two independent shaft lines each with two diesel engines in a CODAD configuration and two controllable pitch propellers (CPP). Together these enable the vessels to reach speeds of more than 30 knots; while at the same time delivering good fuel economy for extended range for both patrols and passage making.

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Air Defence & Command Frigate

Outstanding platforms with excellent self-defence capability and powerful air defences. The combat systems are characterised by a highly modern AAW suite, based on the APAR and SMART-L combination. This provides a multi-layer Area Air Defence capability at the Task Force level against saturation attacks. Signatures have been kept to a practical minimum. Blast and shock hardening measures have been incorporated through the use of blast and fragment retaining bulkheads, protected ducting of piping and cabling and shock resistant floors. High standard NBC protection is also an integral part of the design.

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Sigma Frigate & Corvette

Damen Schelde Naval Shipbuilding (DSNS) is renowned for its highly successful series of SIGMA Naval Combatants. The SIGMA concept is entirely flexible and can accommodate specific customer platform and combat system requirements. SIGMA vessels are designed in a modular way, using standardised solutions with commercial off-the-shelf equipment where possible, enhanced by military standards where needed. Modules for a ship can be built in different locations around the world, depending on locally available manpower, skills and facilities.

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