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Logistic Support Vessel

The Damen Naval Fleet Support series is available in a wide range of sizes and capabilities, especially designed to provide worldwide naval support, and is flexible in many secondary tasks. The Damen Naval Support series is a cost effective, flexible and highly capable addition to any fleet.

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Joint Support Ship

The Damen Joint Support Ship fulfils the operational requirements of the Royal Netherlands Navy for a robust multifunctional platform. It is especially designed for maritime support, strategic sealift and sea-based missions. It has flexible mission modules to support diverse worldwide maritime operations.

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Damen Hydrographic Survey Vessel YN391392 Luymes Snellius

Hydrographic Survey Vessel

This vessel was designed to conduct hydrographic surveys in the North Sea and the area around the Netherlands Antilles. The data is collected for both military and commercial use, in areas such as rapid environmental assessments, route surveys and bathymetry.

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Damen offers range of three Multi Role Auxilary Vessels (MRAV)

Multi-Role Auxiliary Vessel

Many naval tasks allow for flexible clustering in compact auxiliary vessels. This adaptable multifunctionality is the conceptual basis for the DAMEN range of Multi-Role Auxiliary Vessels (MRAV).

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Escape Gear Ship / Rescue Gear Ship

Submarine Rescue Vessel

The Damen Submarine Rescue Vessel is an ocean going naval support vessel, capable of day/night continuous operations, capable to rescue personnel in the event of a submarine becoming distressed or sinking.

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