The ballast system will allow the owner to continue fishing even if wave heights reach 2,5 m.

Shellfish Dredger

The Damen Shellfish Dredger is a highly manoeuvrable vessel and can be equipped to harvest mussels, oysters and razor shells and transport them alive and undamaged for reseeding or processing. Specially designed to work in shallow waters, whilst still providing excellent seakeeping characteristics, these vessels can operate in tidal areas using the tide times to the max. Designed with a shallow draught these vessels are the best to harvest all types of shellfish in estuary and coastal areas.

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Beam Trawler

The Damen Beam Trawler is provided with efficient fishing gear operated on both sides of the vessel. This is the ideal method for catching flat fish, especially with the newly developed sustainable gear, which enables fishing in a selective and environmentally friendly manner.

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Factory Trawler

The Damen Factory Trawlers are strongly constructed and can be equipped according to your wishes: diesel direct propulsion or hybrid alternatives with additional electric shaft generator/motor, the choice of factory, processing equipment and freezing installation and winch arrangements in electric or hydraulic execution can be chosen to serve pelagic, bottom, or twin rig trawling, for example. Our in-house knowledge and expertise designing and building naval vessels with a very low noise profile is also reflected in our Fishery Research Vessels and commercial fishing vessels. Damen Factory Trawlers have excellent loading capacity, fuel efficiency and sea-keeping characteristics.

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King Crab Fisher

The Damen King Crab Fisher has a large cargo deck to safely handle and store the necessary cages. Conveyors easily transport the catch from deck to the on board processing, cooking, freezing, packing and freezer hold. A sliding table at starboard side ensures the release of female and juvenile catch. The Damen King Crab Fisher ensures the safest method to catch and process the catch for optimal quality.

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Live Fish Carrier

The Damen Live Fish Carrier is specially designed for the live transport of fish for aquaculture in both sheltered waters and offshore. It is designed with optimal functionality in mind. The wellbeing of the fish has been a top priority. The piping and equipment have been optimised for the best and safest operation possible. The two cargo holds are fast to load and discharge and both function can be performed simultaneously.

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Fish Collecting Vessel

The Damen Fish Collecting Vessel is designed as a mother vessel for collecting the catch of fisherman at sea, freezing and storing at low temperature. Besides the simplicity the vessel provides high manoeuvrability and redundancy.

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The Damen Longliner is provided with efficient moonpool line hauling arrangement. The machinery system is designed to meet the varying requirements for a longliner of this kind for sailing to and from fishing grounds at an appropriate speed for a vessel of this length and for setting the lines at the required speed and for manoeuvring slowly and smoothly while hauling the lines. Fast freezing and cooling capacities are also taken into account in designing the machinery system.

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Damen Sea Fisher 2608 - Stern Trawler

Sea Fisher

The design is based on functionality, ready for high quality catches and easy on maintenance. The standardisation of the design enables a constant availability of spare parts. The Sea Fishers are available in several versions for different fishing methods. The Sea Fisher range offers you a safe, economic and sustainable vessel for coastal and deep sea fishing operations.

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